We are red, we are white. We are danish dynamite

The danish soccer fans know as 'Roligans' are super fans of the Danish National Soccer Team and often keep their tickets as a memory from the game and because of this The Danish Football Association wanted to give them a upgraded ticket with a new design to give thanks to their supporters.

Ticket graphic design DBU
Ticket graphic design DBU
The original DBU ticket
Ticket design suggestions DBU
Graphic design ticket DBU

Selected Works

Nordkraft caseCorporate idendity

Ventu caseCorporate Identity

Ticket design for DBUTicket design

Mini Identity for OnsdagskoncerterSub brand mini identity

Designing in the zoneBrand identity design

Flamgo casePackaging design

House of Kids caseLogo and identity design

Haiti poster project casePhotography and art direction

2017 Annual Report for Georg JensenGraphic design of annual report

Business brochure for Ringkøbing-Skjern MunicipalityArt direction and graphic design of business brochure

Concert calendar for PULSARArt direction and graphic design of concert calendar


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